We present the winners of this year’s photo shoot: Tais, Viola and Fynn.

Who are they and what are they studying? What are they hoping for from the Company Day?

Read more about the winners below.  ​?​


“My name is Fynn and I’m in my first semester of a master’s degree in Technology and Innovation Communications. From the Company Day 2022, I hope to see a lot of life in our university street as well as interesting food for thought for the time after graduation.”



“My name is Tais and I study business administration in the 6th semester. The shoot with our photographer Simon Zimpfer was very great. Finally, the company day can be done in presence again.”



“My name is Viola and I study business administration in the 5th semester. Personally, I particularly liked the relaxed atmosphere during the shoot. At the company day, I’m looking forward to the coaching programs and other offers, such as the CV-check .”