We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below. Please contact us if your question is not included.

Is the fair open to everyone?

Yes! Company Day is intended for students, graduates and young professionals in all fields. It doesn’t matter whether you come from H-BRS or another college or university. You are welcome to drop in! We look forward to your visit!

Will it cost me anything?

No, visitors to Company Day do not incur any costs. You can use all the services free of charge – from application photos and presentations on career-related topics to application reviews. Only food and drink is not included.

When does it start?

The company day will take place on Wednesday, 08.11.2023 and on Thursday, 09.11.2023, both from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Sankt Augustin campus. Every day, 75 companies await you. That means a total of 150 companies that you can get to know! We are looking forward to meet you!

Will the same companies be present on both days?

No, 75 completely different companies will be exhibiting on each of the two days. The presentation program will also vary. Just two things will remain the same: the free services and the best possible job opportunities.

Where will Company Day take place?

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences
Grantham-Allee 20
53757 Sankt Augustin

Why should I come to Company Day?

On Company Day, you can get to know your new employer, make contacts and gain experience for future job interviews, no matter which phase of your studies you are in. You can also meet direct contacts from renowned corporations, regional midmarket companies and innovative start-ups. In all, there will be around 150 companies looking for you, some of which you might not yet know by name! Find out which industries and companies could have a job for you. You can also make use of various free services: from application photos through presentations on career-related topics to application reviews.

Which of the two days should I attend?

75 different companies will be exhibiting on each of the two days, and the presentations and coaching on offer will also vary. If you come on both days, you can explore around 150 companies and a wide range of presentations and coaching opportunities.

If you only want to come on one of the two days, you should ideally find out in advance which companies will be exhibiting on each day and which presentations are relevant for you. The free services will be available on both days!

Do I have to book the services in advance?

No, all services are available without prior booking.

However, in order to avoid long queues, we will allocate appointments for coaching sessions, application reviews and application photos on the day. You can put together your own timetable in section C on the day of your visit.

No prior booking is required to attend the presentations. However, we only have a limited number of places available, so it is a good idea to get there early.

What is the colour-coded orientation system?

In order to help you keep an overview of what is going on, an orientation system colour-coded by department has been introduced so that companies and visitors can find each other faster and more easily.

The stands and the company profiles in the catalogue and on the website are marked accordingly. The colour-coded orientation system is intended to help you find your bearings. Nevertheless, you are welcome to introduce yourself at all the stands – every exhibitor will be delighted to meet you.

  • Applied Natural Sciences
  • Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism (EMT)
  • Computer Science
  • Social Policy and Social Security Studies
  • Economics

How can I prepare myself?

Before the fair, make a short list of the companies you would like to find out about and introduce yourself to. You will find all the information about this year’s exhibitors online.

Before the fair, think about what exactly you are looking for and what you want the company representatives to tell you. Take a number of short applications with you – this means you will be able to hand over your documents right away if a talk proceeds positively. You can also submit your application documents for review before the fair.

What is the best way to present myself?

Make the most of the opportunity and actively seek out the company representatives at the stands. After all, they have come especially to meet you!

Greet him or her in a friendly manner and introduce yourself briefly. Explain your interest in the company. You can also ask about a specific job vacancy. Make sure you attend the presentations given by the companies you are interested in. You are welcome to ask the speakers if anything is unclear. Experience has shown that they are always glad to answer questions.

What should I wear?

Dress for the job you want: confidence and good grooming are essential.
We recommend “smart casual”, i.e. a shirt or blouse with smart jeans or chinos. Above all, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. You will be spending a lot of time on your feet. 

Clothing expectations will be higher for graduates aiming to start their career than for students looking for work placements.

But remember – you should definitely take a blazer if you want to use the free application photo service. Get some ideas here!

... and what if I have other questions?

Then we will be glad to help you! Contact us here.