General Terms and Conditions


Registrations for Company Day must be made online before the specified deadline. All fields marked as obligatory must be filled out. Exhibitors must accept the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. You will be sent a confirmation of receipt by the university within 10 working days of your registration being received. Notices of acceptance or rejection will then be sent within 15 working days of the end of the registration period.


Stand allocation

Stands are allocated using the university’s online stand booking system, in which the exhibitor can book a stand site for one of the two days of the event. Exhibitors are not entitled to the allocation of a stand site in a specific area of the exhibition or with a specific shape or size.


Stand design and fittings

The exhibitor is responsible for stand design and construction. Stand fittings must be flame-retardant in compliance with DIN 4102 B1. Electrical devices must comply with the accident prevention regulation (inspection according to BGV-A3). Exhibitors must present appropriate evidence on request. The university may request the removal of exhibit items that could cause a significant disruption during the event or compromise the safety of exhibitors and visitors due to their odour, noise or other emissions, their appearance or their character. If the exhibitor fails to comply with this request, the university will be entitled to have the objectionable items removed at the exhibitor’s expense and risk. Competitions are prohibited.



The exhibitor must undertake to finish setting up the stand within the specified construction period.


Stand supervision

The exhibitor must ensure that the stand is staffed by competent personnel throughout the event. Demonstrations of machinery, acoustic devices, projection equipment and modems and the use of other acoustic and/or visual devices, also for marketing purposes, may be restricted or forbidden in the interest of ensuring that the fair runs smoothly.



No fair stand may be cleared or dismantled, either partly or completely, before the event ends. The fair and exhibition stand, including the site rented, must be returned in their original condition no later than the time set for the completion of the dismantling work.


Electricity, internet connection

An electricity connection (16A) or socket will be placed at the exhibitor’s disposal. Connections and devices must comply with the respective statutory regulations; if this is not the case, they may be deactivated or removed from the event at the exhibitor’s expense. The exhibitor is liable for all damages arising from the use of defective equipment, unregistered connections or installation technicians not contracted by the event organisers. With regard to the functioning of electrical connections, the event organisers are only liable to an amount equivalent to the fees calculated; moreover, the organisers cannot guarantee any specific bandwidth for the internet access provided. The exhibitor

will be given the WLAN access data by the event organiser. The exhibitors themselves are responsible for providing the necessary hardware.


Payment terms

The invoice amount shall become due on receipt of the invoice. Invoices must be paid without deductions within 28 days of the invoice date. Participation in the event is conditional on the invoice being paid.


Cancellation of contract

Exhibitors must send written notice of cancellation to the university if they are obliged to withdraw from the event. If the exhibitor withdraws from the event within four weeks of the end of the registration period, the university – without prejudice to the possibility of claiming compensation for a higher actual loss – is entitled to request a payment of 30 percent of the stand rent in order to cover the costs incurred thus far. The exhibitor reserves the right to prove that the actual loss was lower.

If the exhibitor withdraws from the event by 31 August of the respective year, 60 percent of the invoice amount paid or due for payment will be retained.

If the exhibitor withdraws from the event after 1 September, the entire amount paid or due for payment will be retained.



The university accepts no liability for exhibitor materials and stand fittings, material damage or personal injury unless the university itself, its legal representatives or its vicarious agents acted wilfully or with gross negligence. This limitation of liability does not apply to violations of cardinal contractual obligations. The exhibitor is liable for all sites and objects at the event location rented and used by the exhibitor and/or the exhibitor’s legal representatives/vicarious agents.


Alterations/force majeure

If the university is forced to temporarily or permanently clear part or all of the venue or to postpone, shorten or lengthen the event as a result of force majeure or on other grounds for which it is not responsible, the exhibitor may not use this as the basis for the exercise of rights vis-a-vis the university, in particular rights to compensation.


Catalogue entry

Exhibitors can amend their catalogue entries free of charge until the first proof copy is made available. Any amendments requested by the exhibitor from this time until the time of going to print will be invoiced at an hourly rate of 50 Euro depending on the time required.


Acceptance of event terms and conditions

On registering for the event, the exhibitor shall accept the university’s General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and house rules as binding, both on the exhibitor and on all persons employed by the exhibitor at the event. The university will exercise its domiciliary rights at each event. The regulations set forth in labour and industrial law, in particular those regarding fire protection, accident prevention and corporate names, must be complied with. Deviations from these GTC are subject to written confirmation from the university for evidential purposes.


Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction

The place of fulfilment is Sankt Augustin, the place of jurisdiction is Siegburg. All legal relations between the exhibitor and the university are governed by German law.


Last updated: April 2019